Warlockbnb is a gaming token made for gamers by gamers, that will be used as the classical “gem” you see in modern games on any platform (iOS, Android, PC, Consoles).

You’ll be able to use the tokens in the first betting game and in the others that will come AND the big ones we will collab with.


All the Warlocks will receive 8% rewards in BNB, just that, not others, not as a lot of new and upcoming tokens that gives you like 6/8/10 different tokens rewards, because there’s literally no need to do that, isn’t it better a big percentage in bnb then a small percentage in multiple tokens (that will stay there in your wallet for a lot of time before reaching a nice and solid number)?
We have an anti-bot system and we are not revealing a single thing to people using bots (they will never be considered Warlocks) to protect our project and its launch. As for the anti-whale system, we are going to set a 1% as max quantity in a single wallet, you literally can’t buy or have more than 1%.


As well as smartphones, there has also been a rise in new gamers because of new technology developments such as virtual reality providing world experiences.
It is not just people sitting at home on their devices who are driving the industry growth but also corporate activity in video games, esports, cloud gaming, and online competitions.
Gamers represent a highly valuable demographic that has always been hard to reach – mostly because they have abandoned traditional media.

Word-of-mouth, YouTubers, live streamers, and other new channels are how most of these customers make their purchase decisions. Forbes – ‘’ The 2021 global games market will generate revenues of $175.8 billion and is projected to exceed $200 billion by the end of 2023, according to a report by Newzoo (via VentureBeat). More than half of these revenues will come from mobile gaming, the largest segment of the market. ‘’ Adding all that to the crypto world using our WarlockBNB token can be a revolution, for the gaming itself and for the people that can enjoy for real the meaning of ‘’PLAY TO EARN’’.


First big game collab, our token will be the “gem” of an already well known title in the gaming industry!
Q1 - 2022
Other basic games released, the team will start coding and building the nft platform, estimated > 5mln market cap.
Q2 - 2022
Our team will release iOS/android game, an amazing and engaging one, full of witches, warlocks and creatures!
Q3 - 2022
First big game collab, our token will be the “gem” of an already well known title in the gaming industry!


by connecting your wallet you accept Policy and Responsibility Rights

“MINE OR YOURS”, the first game of the warlock ecosystem, you can use your tokens to challenge other owners in a 1vs1 situation, decide how many tokens to bet in a series of 10 matches and the winner will receive 90% of the tokens wagered while the remaining 10% will be burned.

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Ceo and the team

Salvatore Esposito, 25 years old, 6 years in the crypto investing world, experienced in community management, chief executive officer of WARLOCKBNB.

He decided to start this project months ago slowly and professionally by putting together a team formed up with developers he knew personally from various projects (even very big ones);

Experienced programmers, graphic designers and one trusted by him and by the community- marketing manager Simone Toniol (that reached 10 millions market cap in his last project), all together with one single aim, create the new generation of cryptocurrency gaming.

Salvatore Esposito